Drop Off/Pick Up/Safety

Drop Off and Pick Up Tips

Our resident traffic director, music teacher Len Deptula, passed along some great tips for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Please keep the safety of the students at the forefront of your minds:

  • Cars should not be parked on the West side of Dryden Place in front of the building during drop-off or pick-up. You may stay in your car during pick-up and wait for your child, but you may not park it and leave.
  • The fifth grade safety patrol keeps cars from using the circle drive to allow our buses a place to drive up to drop-off and pick-up the students that ride the bus. Please be respectful when speaking to the students. If you feel any student acts inappropriately, please feel free to contact Mrs. Sessler or Mrs. Beane.
  • When dropping off or picking up students, please do not drop off students on the East side of the street (forcing them to cross the street) or even from the doors that face the East side of the street (forcing them to open a door on the traffic side of the car).
  • When dropping off, please remember to pull forward toward the circle drive as far as possible so the cars behind you can also move forward and drop off their children.
  • When pulling up on Dryden Place at the intersection of Dryden Place and Rockwell Street, please leave enough room for the crossing guard to safely cross the street and see oncoming traffic. Please only turn onto Dryden Place (South of Rockwell Street) after all cars ahead of you have pulled past the large tree.
  • For students and parents walking to and from school and crossing Rockwell Street and/or Dryden Place, please wait for the crossing guard, Dick Pateracki, to cross you safely. This applies to parents walking their students, too. All walkers only cross Dryden Place on the South side of the intersection and Rockwell on the East side of the intersection.

Just a friendly reminder that there is no teacher supervision on school grounds prior to the 8:55am entrance bell . We know the students are especially excited to get to school this time of the year, but for the safety of the students please remind them not to use the playground and blacktop equipment when teachers are not present.


Parking Options

Traffic safety tips from the Arlington Heights Police: AHPD: Back to School Traffic Safety