SAVE THE DATE: National PTA Reflections Program Entries due 11/2

Given the challenges of the past six months, it is now more important than ever to encourage our children to take some time to self reflect. Ask them to take a minute to think about their impact on the others around them. Their friends. Their family. Their community. The Reflections Art Program is an excellent extension of this self reflection and this year’s theme, “I MATTER BECAUSE…” could not tie in more beautifully. There are so many ways for students to participate and so many different forms of artwork are accepted. Poems, short stories, photographs, paintings, movies, dance routines, even 3D sculptures! We are still working through all the details of the submission process given the ever changing landscape.

In the meantime, please review the rules and entry forms for some great information and, as always, contact me at for questions. Artwork will be due 11/2!

Visit the National PTA site for more program information.

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