PTA Membership
If you would like to join the PTA for the 2019-2020 school year, please go to the webstore. In addition to funding programs (author visits, book club, fall fest, running club, etc.) that benefit all students, PTA has provided grants to teachers to purchase: new iPads for the art classroom, a new set of drums for music room, indoor greenhouses and new mats for gym class!

PTA Membership includes program support, online calendar, and the directory phone app! Please contact Lauren Noble, the PTA membership Chair with any questions.

We believe…

– Kids do better in school and in life when families are engaged.

– Good memories and fun times can build a solid foundation.

– Connected, involved communities help support families and individuals.

– We can help create the best possible environment for learning and growing.

– Setting a a good example of volunteering is important.

We are…

– Parents and stepparents

– Grandparents

– Guardians

– Family members and friends

– Teachers and Staff

– Community members

We boost our kids’ well-being, support our school’s educational and academic goals, mobilize volunteers, and raise funds—but most of all, the PTA makes a difference! Explore volunteer opportunities and find a way to help that works for you.