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  • 2017-2018 Calendar

    The Dryden School calendar will also include all of our PTA events! We will no longer have the Google calendar. There are simple directions to import the calendar. To view these directions, click on the calendar directions link. To visit the 2017-2018 calendar, click here.


  • Variety Show

    The 2018 Variety Show is strictly FUN entertainment made up of a variety of acts. Save the dates!
    Variety Show Auditions: Wednesday, January 17th from 4-7PM
    Rehearsal: Wednesday, February 21st from 4-8PM
    Variety Show Performance Night: Friday, February 23rd from 6:30PM-9:00PM

    variety-showQuestions regarding Variety Show can be directed to Donna Ekl at donna@eklhq.com.

  • Art Appreciation

    Art Appreciation volunteers will teach in their child’s classroom throughout the school year. Your child will learn about various skilled artists and famous historical art pieces!
    art Art Appreciation Volunteer Lessons

  • Birthday Books

    Each month, the PTA provides a book to each Dryden student whose birthday is in that month. Summer months are included throughout the year as well. Promoting Literacy while celebrating Birthdays. Check!bb

  • AmazonSmile Fundraiser

    Don’t forget to find Dryden PTA on Amazon Smile The next time you shop online!
    Shop Here With Your Account amazonsmile

  • PTA Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee is forming! Dryden PTA is currently looking for PTA members who are interested in serving on the Nominating Committee. This committee collaborates to fill the vacant 2018-2019 Executive Committee positions. If you’d like to get involved with the PTA, this is a great place to start. Typically, there is only one meeting required, and you’ll get to help mold the future of Dryden PTA! Please email Donna Ekl at donna@eklhq.com if you are interested in serving on this committee.

    We are voting on the Nominating Committee at our November 14th PTA meeting.


  • 2017-2018 Executive Board

    President: Nicole Barbieri
    President Elect: Heather Tebbe
    Secretary: Leila Matusiak
    Treasurer: Jillian Sheehan
    Vice President of Administration: Lauren Noble
    Vice President of Administration: Erin Robinson
    Vice President of Ways & Means: Jen Walter
    Vice President of Ways & Means: Kristin Trudeau
    Vice President of Children’s Programs: Jessica Humann
    Vice President of Children’s Programs: Kristy Harvey

  • PTA Membership Online Store

    If you’d like to become a member of Dryden PTA, please visit our webstore link! As a member of the PTA, you help provide Dryden School with enriching programs and memorable events! Join today to become more involved! If you have questions about PTA membership, contact Lauren Noble at lnoble@denalicap.com2017-pta-registration-piece.

  • Spirit Wear

    spirit-wear-webpageDryden Spirit Wear is available! Click on the link to view and order your Spirit Wear. Spirit Wear can be ordered anytime during the year online (shipping fees will apply). Any questions, please contact Tricia Hasan at triciahasan@yahoo.com.

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