2018-2019 Calendar

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Dates to Remember:

· 9/17 – LMC Volunteer Orientation, 9:10 AM

· 9/18 – Elementary Report Card Parent
Information Meeting, 7:00 PM at Thomas Middle School

· 9/19 – PTA Running Club begins

· 9/20 – Picture Day

· 9/20 – Music for Youth Family Registration, 7:00 PM at Olive Mary Stitt School

· 9/20 – Board of Education Meeting, 7:30 PM at Westgate School

· 9/26 – PTA Running Club

· 9/28 – PTA Kidz Voice articles due (2nd & 4th Grade)

· 9/28 – Firefighter Safety Visit to 1st Grade

· 9/28 – 5th Grade Field Trip to Naper Settlement

· 10/2 – Custodian Appreciation Day

· 10/3 – Walk to School Day

· 10/3 – Vision and Hearing Screening

· 10/3 – Open Forum Discussion, 6:30 PM, Dryden LMC

· 10/3 – PTA Meeting, 7:00 PM, Dryden LMC

· 10/4 – Backwards Day – Student Council

· 10/5 – No School – School Improvement Day – Staff Only

· 10/8 – No School – Columbus Day

· 10/9 – Camp Duncan

· 10/9 – Monday Schedule

· 10/10 – Running Club

· 10/10 – Birthday Books distributed (October and July)

· 10/10 – Dine Out at California Pizza Kitchen

· 10/11 – Dine Out at California Pizza Kitchen

· 10/12 – Fall Fest

Featured post

PTA Kidz Voice, Due September 28

PTA Kidz Voice, Due September 28
Attention all 2nd & 4th graders! It is your opportunity to write an article for the PTA’s newspaper, Kidz Voice! Stories, recipes, poems, or jokes are just some entry ideas! All entries are due by September 28 to: Evie Carlson.
Entries may also be turned into the office. Throughout the year, all grade levels will have the opportunity to write in to Kidz Voice!

Running Club

Running Club will meet on Wednesdays from 8:00am – 8:50am, beginning Wednesday, September 19th thru October 17th at the Dryden fields. (Due to walk to school day, there will be no Running Club on October 3rd). If you would like to sign up your child, please complete the Running Club Sign Up Form”> by the end of the day. Please notify your child’s teacher of the days he or she will be attending Running Club. In case of inclement weather, PTA Running Club will be canceled. Please contact PTA Running Club Chair, Nickie Cecola if you have any questions

2018-2019 Executive Board Members

President: Heather Tebbe

President Elect: OPEN

VP of Administration: Rachel Conklin

VP of Administration: Leila Matusiak

VP of Children’s Programs: Mindy Turner

VP of Children’s Programs: Jennifer Ubert

VP of Ways and Means: Kristin Trudeau

VP of Ways and Means: Jennifer Walter

Treasurer: Jillian Sheehan

Secretary: Liz Nierman


Each month, the PTA provides a book to each Dryden student whose birthday is in that month. Summer months are included throughout the year as well. Promoting Literacy while celebrating Birthdays. Check! We got you covered!