2018-2019 Executive Board Members

President: Heather Tebbe

President Elect: OPEN

VP of Administration: Rachel Conklin

VP of Administration: Leila Matusiak

VP of Children’s Programs: Mindy Turner

VP of Children’s Programs: Jennifer Ubert

VP of Ways and Means: Kristin Trudeau

VP of Ways and Means: Jennifer Walter

Treasurer: Jillian Sheehan

Secretary: Liz Nierman

2018-2019 School Supply Packs Sale


It’s time to order your 2018-2019 School Supply Packs! Our supplier passes quantity discount savings along to us, so the packs are usually less expensive (even with shipping costs), more accurate, and more convenient to order. Custom name labels for your supplies are included.

Orders are due by Friday, June 15, 2018.

The shipping charge is per order, not per pack, and supply packs will ship directly to your home the week of July 30.

Questions? Contact Deb Closs.

To order, click on the link below and enter Dryden School ID, DRY005. Be sure to select the grade your child will be in NEXT year.

2018-2019 School Supply Pack Ordering Link

Dryden School ID: DRY005

Thank you,
Dryden PTA


Each month, the PTA provides a book to each Dryden student whose birthday is in that month. Summer months are included throughout the year as well. Promoting Literacy while celebrating Birthdays. Check! We got you covered!


If you’d like to become a member of Dryden PTA, please visit our webstore link! As a member of the PTA, you help provide Dryden School with enriching programs and memorable events! Join today to become more involved! If you have questions about PTA membership, contact Lauren Noble at lnoble@denalicap.com

Introducing A.C.E. It 25 (All Children Excel)

Introducing A.C.E. It 25 (All Children Excel)

“ACE It 25” is a PTA council committee that has been established in District 25 to support families of children with identified physical, behavioral, emotional, and intellectual needs. The committee’s primary goals are:

● To bring together parents, families, and teachers of children with special needs for sharing of experiences

● To be a resource to local unit PTAs and their communities on the needs of these

● To help provide important education for the PTA Presidents to take back to their schools

● To help support PTA communication in understanding the best way to provide support
for children with special needs while attending PTA functions

● To help improve the lives of the children by providing cultural, social and physical enrichment through PTA programs

● To advocate for children with special needs

● To foster parent involvement by providing opportunities for parents to get to know each other, communicate information, provide a forum for exchanging ideas and suggestions across the district

If you have a child who could benefit from accommodations at Dryden PTA events, questions, or concerns, please contact the Dryden ACE it 25 school representative: Lauren Noble at aceit25dryden@gmail.com.

Please also visit and like the ACE it 25 Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/AllChildrenExcel25

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